Wednesday, January 7, 2009

hi guys..how do u feel today?? today?? what happen for me today..?? hahah i'm so so happy n feel very exciting today coz i dont have any class...huhu..feeling nice right? ..yeah, its so nice!! (mat jenin memang suka hari takde kuliah, hahah...)
So after perform my praying, taking some breakfast..and when the birds is still sleeping in their nest, i'm straight to my laptop n start to do my lovely activity like as usual..what xtvity?? huhuhu..surfing internet lah!! hehehe.. :)

surf punya surf...masuk blog ni, keluar web itu..(hehe...usual xtvity for the internet lovers..)
and lastly i found one blog that impressed me. this blog is awesome guyss...Awesome!!!!
there are lot of xtraordinary n amazing pic has been post in this blog.. mayb majority of the pic n photos in this blog is havent seen by u guys b4 this..huhu..
i repeat, its mayb..
i was impress with some of photos in this blog that shown a group of collection amazing n xtraordionary photos that i'havent seen before.. Those photos is showing some artwork that has created by the several artist that actually i dont know their name..(huhu..sorry).. why i say all of those photos is amazing?? haha nak tau why?? i think u should look at their work first n after that, i'm sure all of u'll agree with me...huhuhu :)

Now i want to sharing all of that photos wif all of u..huhuhu...hope all of that photos below will make all of u impress...hehe... :)

hebat gla mamat ni...cukup kreatif!! macam real je lukis kaki sendiri!!

this is same as above photo...awesome!

it looks like real!! that real hand is trying to paint his iron ball byself!!

tadak komen..hahaha

minah ni pun sama as above...awesome2X..lag iskali..awesome3X..haha

i have no words to say bout this what we called superb art..
tangan lukis tangan..haha

tu kertas konyok atas kertas ke apa?? haha....

macam tangan kartun tu kan..kan...

combination of real hand and painting hand tried to sharping the pencil..
what can i say bout that?? it fact, it is awesome n marvelous art
huhu..if u have a great, great and great collection of photos can u share it wif me..huhu

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