Friday, January 9, 2009

Last night, I was read some article from the internet that has shocking me.. (terkejut beruk Mat bace…) The article said that the Sevilla superstriker Frederic Kanoute is facing a fine from the Spanish football federation because of revealing a T-shirt expressing support for Palestine during a match. From the source that I’ve read..they say Kanoute lifted his Sevilla shirt over his head after scoring a goal to display a black T-shirt on which the word "Palestine'' was printed in several languages. After read that article..i’m wondering that why he was been charge by the football federation just for what his done during that game..Is it wrong if he justtry to telling the world about his support to the Palestinian people that has been tochured by the Israeli?? For me what is the different about that message with the message that has been promoted by the Fifa like ‘stop racism’ and ‘Fairplay’..Is it different?? I think Frederic has been charge just because he is muslim..and the Football Federation is fear that the message that has bring by the Frederic will bring the effect to the popularity of the Spanish League…Is it fair for us as a muslim?? Why we couldn’t do something to protect and tp show our voice of Muslim community?? Are we as a Muslim is too bad and dangerous to the world??... ( As a Muslim, mat sedih dengan apa yang terjadi kat Frederic, tapi tetap bangga dengan keberanian hamba Allah ini..huhu hidup islam, hidup Palestine!!!) :)

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  1. jane said...
    salam mat,

    bagus tindakan dia. kena fine pun dia mampu bayar kut. tapi, keberanian dia yg menaikkan semangat. nobody can do everything but everybody can do something. yang tu dia, yg ini mat! tahniah..

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